Improving Your Crappy Apartment

I am a great believer in nesting and have never let renting stop me from enjoying inexpensive home improvements that make my apartment as comfortable and attractive as it can be. Painting, hanging up shelves and making minor repairs have all helped to alleviate some of the dissatisfaction that can be a result of living in an apartment where I can’t make all of the aesthetic choices. If you hate your kitchen, ask the landlord if you can paint the gross old cabinets or even install some new cheap Ikea ones on your own dime.

Doing minor repairs and decorative upgrading on your own can save you money in the long run because landlords charge a lot more for new, shiny and modern looking apartments when in reality some of these improvements are inexpensive to do yourself. A new kitchen can increase your rent by hundreds of dollars a month, while a few cans of paint and a few hours of elbow grease is a one-time expense that can be as little as $50.

In this post from the blog BushwickBK, the author shares his tips for improving a crappy apartment. In the comments others chime in about how they’ve made their imperfect spaces more livable. On the other end of the spectrum of what constitutes a “crappy apartment” is this story from the New York Times archive, chronicling the full-scale renovation work that some renters have undertaken on property that they don’t own.

Have any of you made improvements on a rental apartment?


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