Common Space

When you live in an apartment building the space outside your door is almost as important as your own apartment. The halls, the lobby, the elevator, roof, basement and trash room. This is where you meet and chit chat with your neighbors, what you walk through every day to get to work or school and before you come home at night. Perhaps your building is lucky enough to have an over-zealous kitten-loving old lady who has taken the liberty of decking out the stairwell with vintage needlepoints and drawings of kittens, or maybe everyone in the building is irritated by that one apartment that always has a pile of stinky shoes outside their door, or those people who leave bicycles in the entry hall.

I love my building’s common areas. There is a sweet art deco fireplace mantle in the marble lobby and the hallways are clean and well cared for. In the elevator, tenants enjoy the sounds of LiteFM thanks to a transistor radio sitting on top of the elevator cab and most people make pleasant conversation when they meet in the large mail room. The people who raised their families here tell me that in the Sixties and Seventies there used to be an oriental rug and leather couches in the lobby and a big Christmas tree during the holidays. My super still decks our halls every year with Christmas lights in front of the building and every year I take a picture. The common areas are just as much a part of home as my own apartment.

Apartment Therapy opines about their building’s mauve painted lobby and asks readers to weigh in on how they feel about the common areas of their buildings.


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