“The Hunt”: NY Times Features Renter’s Apartment Search

Did you know that the NY Times “The Hunt” column also features renters? This past weekend’s column covered the apartment search of a Judson Vann, a very meticulous young man with a lot of furniture who needed to find a reasonably-sized one bedroom in Manhattan for less than $2500. As a broker, this story is very familiar to me: people want a decent amount of space for around $2000. Often, this is a tall order. In the $2000 price category it’s rare to find anything above 650 square feet in most parts of Manhattan and I often find myself getting discouraged and encouraging people to consider moving to Brooklyn or upper Manhattan.

However, just because something is difficult does not mean that it’s impossible and if you have time to keep looking then you should do so. I always say that there is no perfect apartment and you should really be searching for an apartment that is 85% perfect. A combination of persistence and a little bit of compromising is what paid off for the guy in the article: he eventually found a large railroad apartment on Ninth Avenue at a price he felt comfortable paying. I can identify where Judson’s compromising led to his success: railroad apartments can be a great value and the further west or east you go the more space you are likely to get for your money.


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