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What You Need to Know Before you Rent via the NY Times

This past weekend the NY Times Real Estate section once again featured the New York rental market and the process of searching for an apartment as their lead story. The article is pretty good, highlighting some of the peculiarities of our beloved city’s insane rental market. You can read the full article here, and if that’s not enough for you check out the additional info available here on my blog!

How to Get the Apartment you Want, Part 1: What Happens When I Use a Broker?

How to Get the Apartment you Want, Part 2: Questions of Timing

How to Get the Apartment you Want, Part 3: Preparing your Paperwork


Sorry for the Lack of Updates! AMNY Highlights Rental Perks

I’ve been in the middle of moving apartments myself, so I am experiencing all the upheaval, extra work and hassle that all of you go through when you search for a new apartment. Being a broker doesn’t make it any easier! I should be all settled into my new place soon and the regular updates will commence as before. In the meantime, check out this awesome article that was the cover story of AMNY yesterday: Renter’s Getting Perks in Soft Real Estate Market. This is some welcome news for all of us!

Crazy Bathroom! Is it for Bathing or Travelling to Mars?

This is probably the craziest bathroom I have ever seen! It’s in a studio that can’t be more than 350 square feet. Holy moly. It looks like Austin Powers would love this one. In case you can’t tell from the picture, it is a jacuzzi tub/shower thing that also features a built-in television and radio. Oh, and mirrors. Lots of mirrors.

First Time Renters Leaving Uptown in Favor of the Financial District

This isn’t news to me! While the Upper East Side has been a traditional favorite of many first-time renters, including recent college and professional school graduates about to start jobs at law firms, PR companies and investment banks; now the Financial District and Battery Park City are luring these same renters. Why and how? Continue reading ‘First Time Renters Leaving Uptown in Favor of the Financial District’

Rental Q&A Courtesy of the New York Times

What a Landlord is Due When No Terms Exist?”

Rental Q&A Courtesy of the New York Times

A $10,000 payment to end a lease?”

A landlord’s rights in a tenant’s bankruptcy?”

Rental Q&A Courtesy of the New York Times

“How much will rent rise under luxury decontrol?”

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