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Tenant Wants to Install Own Washer/Dryer

Having a washer and dryer in my apartment has long been a dream of mine, one that I share with many other apartment-dwellers throughout the city.  Currently, my sponsor-controlled co-op has a “laundry room” in the basement where the machines are always broken, the clothes are never really cleaned and feral cats prowl. Sigh. Over on the Brownstoner forum, a landlord asks whether a tenant should be allowed to take matters into their own hands by purchasing and installing their own washing machine. After reading the thread I am definitely going to look into the pros and cons of apartment sized washer/dryer combo units.

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Rental Q&A via the NY Times

Today’s rental Q&A from the New York Times is a particularly interesting one: “Landlord demands $1 million in insurance.” If you find yourself in a situation where you need to get up to speed about renter’s insurance, check out this post from back in July,  “Sixteen Perils, Don’t you want to be Covered?”

“The Invisible Renter” via the NY Times

Yesterday, a short article in the NY Times covered an important issue for renters: the fact that home-owner tax benefits are not extended to renters. Particularly in New York, where people spend so much of their income on rent, the lack of tax breaks for renters can be a serious disadvantage. Depending on how much rent you pay, you may be losing hundreds of dollars a month in taxes that a home-owner gets to keep. This issue should be brought into greater prominance as economic times get tougher and politicians look for ways to help Americans keep more money in their pockets. It becomes clear that the tax code is overwhelmingly biased towards home-owners. The article offers no reasons or history of why this is so but I hope that the NY Times revisits this subject in further reports. Read the full article here.

Can you Identify This UFO Building?

Rental Q&A Courtesy of the NY Times

“Ever higher security deposits?”

“When a tenant laves before a lease ends…”

Rental Q&A via the NY Times

“A landlord seeks a brokerage fee.”

Manhattan Rental Market Softening Slightly, via amNY

AmNY reports that according to leading rental brokerage firm Citi Habitats (my employer), the Manhattan rental market is softening. Some price declines and stagnancy is in evidence. Nonetheless, Citi Habitats rented more apartments in the last 3 months than they did in the same period last year. Read about it here.

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