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Project Runway Contestant’s Peaceful LES Share

It is more dramatic to tell stories of roommate recriminations, pecadillos and downright nastiness on websites like Housemate Horror, so that’s why the NY Times profile of Project Runway season 2 runner-up Daniel Vosovic’s 5 person shared apartment in the LES is surprising in it’s harmoniousness. It was great to read that it’s all sunshine and rainbows for him and his roomies down on beautiful Attorney Street. Read the full article HERE.


NY Times Reports on Downturn of the Luxury Rental Market

Already being covered on NYCrentopia (here, here and here), the luxury rental market has been hit hard by the economic downturn. This may be good news for renters as you can expect lower prices for better apartments and various landlord incentives such as free rent and more landlords paying all or part of the broker’s fee. If you’re looking for an affordable luxury rental, get in touch with me and I can help you out for free now. All my contact info is on the sidebar to your right. If you want to watch the NY Times video, click HERE .

Rental Q&A via the NY Times

“When it’s permissabile to break a lease”

“The rights of roommates”

Media Coverage of Citi-Habitats October Market Report

Ny Observer:

“Still Gotta Pay to Live in Manhattan”

“Renter’s Market in Manhattan? You Betcha!”


“Cheap LES Studios Still Not That Cheap”

How Does Your Rent Compare? Citi Habitats October Market Analysis

Prices are definitely coming down in some neighborhoods. Even the previously inassailable two bedroom category saw a small decline. Three beds remain strong, probably because they are the rarest configuration and make up less than 5% of Manhattan’s total inventory. average-manhattan-rent-summary-october-20082

Citi Habitats October Market Report: Vacancy Rates by Neighborhood

Vacancy is highest in the Financial District and Battery Park City–this is where you should look if you want to scoop up a modern high-rise bargain with amenities galore.manhattan-rental-vacancy-by-neighborhood-october-2008

Vacancy Rates Continue to Rise, No Surprises

The overall vacancy rate in Manhattan is approaching the 2% mark! Landlords and brokers should batten down the hatches and prepare for units to sit longer and tenants should feel free to seek out the bargains that are to be found. manhattan-rental-vacancy-average-october-2008

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