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“Not a Dive After All” via the NY Times

NY times not a dive pictureAnother lead story on rentals this past weekend in the New York Times real estate section. This one’s about first-time renters and the affordable apartments that can can be found for less than $1000 per tenant. Not only in far-flung neighborhoods like Washington Heights and Sunset Park, but also on the Upper East Side and Park Slope. The best thing is that these apartments are nicer than ever before, with dishwashers, windowed bedrooms and charming exposed brick walls. Real the full article HERE. Picture is also via the Times. Looks like these ladies scored a sweet place!


Tom Colicchio’s Rental Kitchen via Apartment Therapy

tom-colicchio-rental-kitchenApparently, Tom Colicchio lives like a lot of us! In spite of a gorgeous-looking and huge NYC apartment, he still cooks in a small rental galley kitchen. How does he make it work, Top Chef style? Find out all about it on Apartment Therapy and in the NY Times. He does have a dishwasher though–cheating! (j/k, I have one too now…)

More News from the Rent Guidelines Board

complaintsAccording to an article in today’s New York Times, the Rent Guidelines Board, which oversees proposed increases in rent for tenants living in rent-regulated apartments, there will be an increase in 2009. Despite wide-spread calls for a rent freeze or even a decrease, the RGB has stated that rents will likely be raised between 2% and 4.5% on one-year leases and between 4% and 7.5% on two year leases, despite a stagnant economy. The increases are supposedly to help landlords cover rising expenses. FYI–the RGB has never lowered or frozen rents since its inception in 1969.

More coverage over on Curbed.

Can’t Make Rent? Throw a Party!

This past weekend’s New York Times real estate section covered an emerging trend of unemployed and hard-up people throughout the city throwing rent parties to raise money. For those unfamiliar with the concept, you invite friends and acquiantances over to drink and dance and give a small donation which will be applied to paying the rent. Read the full article HERE.

Curbed Coverage of Rent Regulations Board

Issues of rent control and rent stabilization are controversial and downright contentious. It’s a thorny problem, so I hesitate to post about them much. I lived in a rent stabilized unit for a few years, but I also know some small-time landlords who are struggling financially as much as their tenants right now. Regardless, I know people are interested in this issue so I’ll point you to the coverage that can be found HERE.

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