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Tom Colicchio’s Rental Kitchen via Apartment Therapy

tom-colicchio-rental-kitchenApparently, Tom Colicchio lives like a lot of us! In spite of a gorgeous-looking and huge NYC apartment, he still cooks in a small rental galley kitchen. How does he make it work, Top Chef style? Find out all about it on Apartment Therapy and in the NY Times. He does have a dishwasher though–cheating! (j/k, I have one too now…)


The Murray Hill Song

This video has been making the rounds, it had my Murray Hill dwelling colleagues in stitches. Funnily enough I used to live in Murray Hil myself 10 years ago,  sharing a one bedroom apartment with a friend from college for $1350 (which seemed like a lot! and now I feel old).  I still love the neighborhood and think you can get really great apartments for your money, especially in the blocks of the east 30’s where you can find townhouses that rival those in Chelsea and interesting buildings that used to be stables, presumably serving the wealthy residents of nearby Park Avenue.

Can you Identify This UFO Building?


Maybe this is a little bit tangential, but I just heard about a blog that chronicles the ridiculous world of poorly designed broker ads! Keepin’ it Realtor is funny as hell. Thanks, Gawker!

Crazy Bathroom! Is it for Bathing or Travelling to Mars?

This is probably the craziest bathroom I have ever seen! It’s in a studio that can’t be more than 350 square feet. Holy moly. It looks like Austin Powers would love this one. In case you can’t tell from the picture, it is a jacuzzi tub/shower thing that also features a built-in television and radio. Oh, and mirrors. Lots of mirrors.


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