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Rental Q&A via the NY Times

“A landlord seeks a brokerage fee.”



Maybe this is a little bit tangential, but I just heard about a blog that chronicles the ridiculous world of poorly designed broker ads! Keepin’ it Realtor is funny as hell. Thanks, Gawker!

How to Get the Apartment You Want, Part 2: Questions of Timing

Today I will address questions of timing in an apartment search. The first question is “how long should it take to find a rental apartment?” and the second question is “how many weeks before you want to move should you start looking?” There is no hard and fast answer to either of these questions and they are undoubtedly related and thoroughly intertwined. How long you spend looking for an apartment depends on how picky you are and how realistic you are about the mutability of rental market conditions that may preclude the very existence of your “dream” apartment. After seeing 30 apartments over a series of two months and having them all be insufficient, it might be the case that what you desire does not exist and you will need to adjust your expectations so they are more in line with reality. Continue reading ‘How to Get the Apartment You Want, Part 2: Questions of Timing’

How to Get the Apartment You Want, Part 1: Should I Use a Broker?

This week I will be outlining the process of renting an apartment in New York, drawing from my own perspective and experience as a broker. The first question on every renter’s mind is should you use a broker? I am a broker, so I say “hell yeah!” But seriously, I realize that many people don’t want to pay that fee and in reality, it’s a basic question of time and resources. Would you rather spend time or money? Do you even have time to look for an apartment on your own? Do you believe that it is worth paying somebody else to go looking for apartments on your behalf? Continue reading ‘How to Get the Apartment You Want, Part 1: Should I Use a Broker?’

Luxury Rentals Offer Tempting Incentives

View from a penthouse

As the economy slows, large luxury rental developments are having a more difficult time attracting tenants. In order to remain competitive these buildings are offering a range of perks from covering moving expenses, paying broker’s fees and waiving security deposits to free morning breakfasts and maid services. Some are even offering up to two months free rent!

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