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NY Times “The Hunt” Column Features Young Renters

While 23 year old Megan Dearing was not a first-time renter, as a recent graduate of Fordham University, the Buffalo native faced several challenges in finding a livable apartment and her story is one that many recent grads will identify with. The first challenge is of course coming up with enough cash to pay the high rents Manhattan demands, but also the security deposits, broker’s fees and moving costs can quickly add up into the thousands. Of course Megan also wanted to live somewhere she felt safe and comfortable and after living with two messy roommates in her last apartment she decided to live with her cousin, Katie Dearing. So where did the two young women end up? Read the whole article here.


Universities as Landlords…and Tenants

The New York Sun ran an article this week on the issue of housing New York’s increasing college student population. With over 100 post-high school educational institutions in the 5 boroughs, New York hosts approximately half a million college students each year and this number is only set to grow. Housing students is a challenge, as many are priced out of the rental market in the neighborhoods close to their schools and this can lead to students cramming 2, 3 or more people in a single bedroom and housing costs greatly add to the financial burden of higher education. Continue reading ‘Universities as Landlords…and Tenants’

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