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Entertaining in Small Spaces

With Halloween behind us and the quadruple whammy of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah and Kwaanza just around the corner, it can feel like your New York apartment is smaller than ever. Not only is the oven too small for a turkey, the mini-sized refrigerator and lack of counter space in the kitchen thwart ones grand plans for an enormous feast. Even if you could cook up a huge meal in your microscopic kitchen where the heck are your friends and family going to sit and eat it? In the non-existant dining room? Well, it can be intimidating and frustrating when you are utterly limited by the size of your home. This month, both apartment therapy and Smitten Kitchen have great tips for making a small space work for you. Check them out here:

Apartment Therapy on entertaining in small spaces

Smitten Kitchen on how to max out your small kitchen


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