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Exactly How Much Did a Doorman Cost You in August, 2008?

…and how much can you save living in a walk-up? The price of apartments in new development buildings with doormen actually rose slightly in relation to the statistics from June.


Manhattan Vacancy Rates By Neighborhood: August 2008

West Village bucking the trend, with a vacancy rate hovering around 50%. Vacancy highest in the UWS, unsurprisingly the vacancy rate in the Financial District and BPC is also higher than May.

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Manhattan Vacancy Rates Continue to Rise.

Manhattan is still a place where people want to live and where many people have to live because of their jobs. In the late 1990’s, vacancies hovered around 4%, and anything under 5% is still considered to be an extremely tight market. We’ve all gotten used to a frenzied, feverish tone being attached to all things real estate, whether the market’s going up or going down. On this chart we can see the gradual and steady rise of vacancies since May. Anyone think we’re gonna hit 4% by the middle of winter?

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How Does Your Rent Compare? Citi Habitats Releases August Rental Market Report

Gloom! Doom! Etc, etc. Vacancies are up, apartments are sitting on the market longer and renters are being offered ever more incentives to sign on the dotted line. The higher end of the market is definitely the most negatively affected by the economic slowdown and the problems on Wall Street, so it’s no surprise that the Financial District and Battery Park City are currently the best neighborhoods to cash in on landlord-offered incentives like a free month’s rent and no broker’s fee. Units that are priced competitively in relation to market conditions, apartments that are located in  desirable neighborhoods like the West Village or are exceptionally renovated are moving as quickly as ever. Now, on to the charts! When compared to the chart of average rents in June, the table below shows some contraction in the one-,two-, and four-bedroom categories, but a small increase in the price of three-bedrooms.

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