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More Coverage of the Landlord Renegotiation Phenomenon

New York Magazine asks if right now is the time to negotiate with your landlord. Read about it HERE.

I’ve been covering this question for some time: HERE, HERE and HERE


“How to Reduce Your Rent” via the WSJ

Clicking around today on Curbed, I came across a link to an awesome letter that a Wall Street Journal blogger wrote to her landlord when they received a lease renewal with an increase this past winter.  How did the blogger get a $300 rent reduction? By writing a rational, well-researched letter. She spoke to recent arrivals in her building to find out what they were paying, checked out Craigslist, cited articles in the newspaper and in the end was happy with her savings.

WNYC Radio Report on Rentals

radio1Listen HERE to‘s editor Lockhart Steele discussing the rental market, including the issue of negotiating with your landlord or moving out into a more affordable unit. There’s a lot of great stuff as readers share their experiences in the comments section.

Important Ruling on Lease Breaking

FYI–The NY State court of appeals has ruled that lease-breaking is a no go. Even if you leave you are still financially responsible for fulfilling the terms of the lease and pay through its date of expiry. More info via City Limits, with extra coverage over at brownstoner.

How to Get the Apartment You Want, Part 3: Preparing Your Paperwork

The number 1 thing you can do to ensure you get the apartment you want is to have your finances and paperwork in order before you start looking. Unlike most cities, in NY you are not just renting an apartment–you are also applying to rent an apartment and just like applying for a job or college admission, you want to present yourself in the best possible light . Being organized and prepared makes you look like a way better potential tenant than all those other people scrambling to find their 2006 tax returns or who can’t even remember their last landlord’s full name. Continue reading ‘How to Get the Apartment You Want, Part 3: Preparing Your Paperwork’

How to Get the Apartment You Want, Part 2: Questions of Timing

Today I will address questions of timing in an apartment search. The first question is “how long should it take to find a rental apartment?” and the second question is “how many weeks before you want to move should you start looking?” There is no hard and fast answer to either of these questions and they are undoubtedly related and thoroughly intertwined. How long you spend looking for an apartment depends on how picky you are and how realistic you are about the mutability of rental market conditions that may preclude the very existence of your “dream” apartment. After seeing 30 apartments over a series of two months and having them all be insufficient, it might be the case that what you desire does not exist and you will need to adjust your expectations so they are more in line with reality. Continue reading ‘How to Get the Apartment You Want, Part 2: Questions of Timing’

What are the Top Five Things That Renters Look For?

Courtesy of Apartment Therapy. Obviously, the top five things are not the same for everyone but there were a lot of repeats: on-site laundry, nice kitchens and baths, aesthetically neutral decor and storage space were high on many people’s lists. What are the main features you desire in a rental apartment?

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